The formula for success in heat resistant alloy tube technology

Doncasters Paralloy

Doncasters Paralloy is based in Billingham, in the north east of England and is a part of the Doncasters Group with 40 years’ experience in manufacturing specialist cast tubes and fittings for use in high temperature and corrosive environments. On a single site, Doncasters Paralloy has centrifugal tube and sand casting foundries, a machine shop and fabrication facility. Doncasters Paralloy offers its customers laboratory and testing services, equipped to carry out routine material investigations as well as complete failure analysis.





Petrochemical Market:

  • Ethylene cracking coils (cast)
  • Ethylene internally profiled tubes — pep (cast)
  • Reformer tubes (cast)
  • Direct reduction (cast)
  • Inlet and outlet manifolds (cast)
  • Transfer lines (cast)
  • Pump and valve castings (cast)



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DNV Offshore Containers, Cargo Baskets, Chemical Tanks, Bottle Rack and Lifting Frame
Power Generators, Chiller, Air condition & Cooling Tower Gas Turbine Efficiency Improvement
Chemicals and DG Waste Storage