Signed contract with  partnership agreement with  Doncasters as representative to offer the formula for success in heat resistant alloy tube technology

On-going  partnership with Rezel Catalyst as representative to offer FCC/RFCC/DCC catalysts


Signed contract with Shinhan APEX Corporation as representative to offer OPEX Plate air preheaters, glastil glass coated heat exchangers also related items and associated services

Signed contract with Unicat Catalyst Technologies as representative to offer product and services( Purification, H2 Production & PSA, Pressure drop prevention )

Signed contract with  Aqseptence Group (Johnson Screens) as representative to offer Reactor Internals and Vee-Wire


Signed contract with Umicore as representative to offer Umicore supplies (catalyst, equipment and service of Denox technologies and Denox catalysts )

Signed contract with R2E (Resources 2 Energy) as representative to offer consultants serving the energy industry

Signed contract with AZZ as representative to offer overlay welding to extend the life time of major equipment in refinery and petrochemical

Signed contract with Aggreko as representative to supply a new generation of low emission power generator friendly to environment

Signed contract with Green Combustion as representative to supply industrial burners, flare stack as well as ID & FD fan

Signed contract with with Airoil Flaregas PVT. LTD. as representative to offer Flare system spares & services

Signed contract with with Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. as representative to offer Industrial fans


Signed contract with FIRST SOLAR as preferred contractor to provide Local Handling Services & export of used solar panel export under Basel notification

Signed contract with Euro Dieuze Industrie as representative to offer NiCd Batteries recycling service to reduce disposal of hazardous waste by landfill and incineration.

Work corporative with CR Asia for decontamination Project and waste management



Signed contract with Petroval as representative to offer the heat exchanger improvement and zero the chemical usage for cleaning


Signed contract with BATREC Industrie A.G. as representative to offer Mercury Treatment service to reduce disposal of mercury waste by landfill and incineration.

Signed contract with Oilex as representative to offer Oil Spill Absorbent

Signed contract with Solar Alert as representative to offer products of Drilling Riser, Valves, Wellhead Equipments and Christmas Tree


Signed contract with MERICHEM as representative to offer Spent Caustic Treatment technology to reduce amount of caustic waste disposal by incineration.

Open new Songkhla facility in southern of Thailand for offering Mercury Waste Handling services to upstream  E&P customers.

Signed contract with HALDOR TOPSOE as Representative to offer the environmental catalyst technology.

Signed contract with BSL Containers LTD. as representative to offer products of DNV Offshore Containers, Cargo Baskets, Chemical Tanks, Bottle Rack and Lifting Frame


Signed contract with CRITERION as representative to offer technologies and catalysts to reduce Sulphur content in petroleum products

Signed contract with Shell Catalysts & Technologies (former name was CRITERION) as representative to offer technologies and catalysts to reduce Sulphur content in petroleum products(EURO IV & EURO V)


Signed contract with EURECAT FRANCE S.A.S. as representative to offer regeneration service of spent catalyst.


Started to offer ONE STOP SERVICE for recycling  of spent catalyst to customers in Oil,Gas and Petrochemicals industries for reducing of waste disposal by landfill and incineration.