Policy of PLUS Exploration Co.,Ltd.

The Board of Directors of PLUS Exploration Co., Ltd. has the intention and sincere commitment to promote the operational effectiveness, good governance, and excellent management of the organization by aiming to create the maximum benefits for the business owners and stakeholders based on corporate ethics, transparency, and accountability. In this regard, the policies of good governance for PLUS Exploration Co., Ltd. have been provided in this guideline for the Board of Directors, management teams, and all employees to comply with as follows.

  1. The Board of Directors, managements, and all employees are committed to the principles of good governance covering 4 aspects which are:1.1 an accountability for own decision making and actions in which the said actions can be clarified and explained;1.2 a responsibility for their duties with the competence and performance;1.3 a transparency in their operation which can be verified and disclosed to the related persons;1.4 the code of ethics in the business conducts under the administrative structure of fair relationship between the Board of Directors, managements, and shareholders.
  2. The Board of Directors shall have the important role in determining the strategic vision, policies, and key plans of the Company by considering of any risk factors and
    management practices which may be related as appropriate and ensure that the accounting system, financial report, and auditing processes of the Company are reliable.
  3. The Board of Directors shall have the ethical leadership as an example of operational guidelines for good governance of the Company and monitor in the management of conflict of interest issues and the related transactions.
  4. The Board of Directors shall be responsible for the annual self assessment in order to be a monitoring framework for their own operations.
  5. The Board of Directors shall be responsible for the Code of Ethics and Conducts of the Company as an operational guideline for every individual of the Board of
    Directors, employees, and staffs of the Company in accordance with the rules and regulation of the Company.
  6. The recruitment system of the Company shall be provided appropriately, transparent ly, and fairly for any key management positions at all levels.


PLUS Exploration Co., Ltdas a provider of waste disposal services by means of recycling and distributor of industrial equipment and technologies, has committed to control quality and reduce it’s footprint on the natural environment in the following ways:

  1. Practice in accordance with the law, quality requirements and environmental regulations following international standards
  2. Provide quality of customer satisfaction and interested parties, recognizing the importance of the environment by reducing landfill and avoiding cause a nuisance to the community
  3. Taking risk managements to prevent and control quality also environmental management along with continuous improvement
  4. Committed to create awareness and promote the use of resources, with an emphasis on maximum benefits, regardless of health, life and the environment for sustainable development


The importance of constantly maintaining safety consciousness at all levels of organization with the commitment to everyone working in good environment and safe working follow our policy as follows.
  1. To promote all employees having awareness of safety work
  2. All employees are valuable resource so we have to set SHE policy for manage safety, health and environment working
  3. To support all safety work so company provides all PPE and safety equipment as necessary
  4. All employees must strictly follow the company regulation for SHE
  5. All management level have to response on SHE for manage their staff


PLUS exploration co., ltd. as a leading provider of waste disposal services by means of recycling and distributor of industrial equipment and technologies has committed to do social responsibilities as one of our main policies and focus on environmental creation and participate in community in the following ways:

  1. Committed to developing a sustainable economic growth with environmental caring, safety   in community and willing to do social assistance
  2. To do social responsibilities, we help and develop our social by using strong points of our experiences, technological expertise and waste management to the community.
  3. To do activity for all involved of our social responsibilities: our nearby community and remote communities without access to utilities
  4. Committed to maximize use of resources from our regional area instead of emissions  dropped by waste, based on the philosophy of sufficiency econom