PLUS Exploration participated the sustainability project of PTTGC

On 9th October 2018, PLUS Exploration’s CEO Khun Sittichai Talapnak and his team had warm welcome PTTGC and MASCI team who came to visit for auditing PLUS Exploration. PLUS Exploration is supplier and also contractor of PTTGC who participated the sustainability project of PTTGC. PLUS Exploration is proud to receive an EXCELLENT result of Sustainability […]


Khun Sittichai Talapnak , Founder and CEO of PLUS Exploration together with Resources 2 Energy (“R2E”) experts and management Team lead by David Turner – Managing Director have recently held “Performance Improvement in the Industry 4.0 Era” seminar at Pattaya, Thailand. There are members of interesting topics touched upon during seminar : 1) Digitalization and Smart[…..]