Catalyst Dense Loading Technique


Founded in 1990, PETROVAL introduced and became the world leader in terms of dense loading technologies and services by launching to the refinery market the first generation of DENSICAT® machine, its most important product at that time. This technology was remarkably advanced and superior compared to other technologies on the market and quickly became a recognized success. It helped fund PETROVAL’s rapid growth not just into new services and product lines but also opened up new markets around the world. In the years following the DENSICAT® introduction, PETROVAL has made its mark in several new activities such as tube inserts (1993), infrared thermography (2006) and catalyst unloading & loading expertise. The company also strengthened its existing activities by launching the DENSICAT® second and, third generation machine, building on its strong reputation and success in the refining and petrochemical industry. Today, PETROVAL is the leading and pre-eminent company in terms of dense loading technologies and optimization of reactor process. The «Thermal» and «Catalyst» departments are the two strategic business areas of PETROVAL.
Complementary services and products are more and more successful with new advanced technological products being regularly launched onto the market, PETROVAL is moving forward with a promising and bright future with key licenses and patents.

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Catalyst Dense Loading Technique