Hydrocraking & Hydrotreating Catalyst/Advanced zeolitic catalyst solutions & Hydrogenation catalyst

Shell Catalysts & Technologies

Shell Catalysts & Technologies is an international company that supplies catalysts, process technologies and catalyst services for a wide range of refining applications. We have more than 50 years experience developing, manufacturing, testing, marketing and servicing catalysts that are used in every type of hydroprocessing operation.



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CRI Catalyst & Technology

CRI Catalyst Company is part of CRI Criterion Inc., the global catalyst technology company of the Shell Group. CRICC operates research laboratories, development facilities, manufacturing plants and business units throughout the world.


Zeolyst Specialties delivers value to our customers through differentiated zeolitic catalyst technology provided through our highly experienced technical service organization. This expertise is built upon our core markets of paraffin isomerization, alkylation, paraxylene isomerization and transalkylation. We applied our expertise to broader zeolitic technical solutions in both specialty refining and chemicals applications where our Partners value the technology and expertise we can provide.

About Zeolyst Specialties

Paraffin Isomerization

Zeolyst Benzene Alkylation


CRI Catalyst Company offers a wide range of selective hydrogenation catalyst products. Catalysts are available for both petrochemical and chemical applications.

Specialty Catalysts

Ethylene Steam Cracker Selective Hydrogenation Catalysts


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