Industrial Burners

Green Combustion

Greens Combustion Limited gathers together some of the leading specialists in the combustion industry having over 150 years of experience across all disciplines including research and development, design, manufacture and project management through to site services, surveys, trouble shooting and consultancy.

Refineries and Petrochemical plants have a variety of fired heater types. From our years of experience in the Industry, Greens Combustion has developed the GreenBurn® range of burners to cover the majority of these applications.

The GreenBurn® ND & FD use the principle of staged air to achieve low NOx emissions whilst in turn providing stability for a wide range of fuel gases due to its central fuel gun with large holes. The GreenBurn® Ultra combines all current NOx reduction methods; staged air, staged fuel and flue gas recirculation and has an asymmetric poker design with a small footprint meaning it is ideal for retrofit in old furnaces with tight dimensions.


Floor Burners

Low NOx GreenBurn® ND

The GreenBurn® ND is a natural draught floor mounted burner that uses the staged air principle of NOx reduction which lends itself to processes with variations in fuel gas supply. The burner can be mounted vertically or horizontal side wall and can also be supplied in round flame or flat flame configurations.

Low NOx GreenBurn® FD

The GreenBurn® FD is a forced draught burner and like its sibling the ND uses the staged air principle of NOx reduction. Again this can be mounted in either vertical or horizontal orientation and with round or flat flame configurations.

Low NOx GreenBurn® Ultra

The GreenBurn® Supreme is a natural draft or forced dreaught floor mounted burner that uses a combination of staged air, staged fuel and internal flue gas recirculation to attain sub 50 mg/Nm3 NOx levels whilst producing a minimal amount of CO. With minimal footprint the burner is a step change in ultra low NOx technology.


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