Mercury Decontamination and Handling

Mercury Decontamination and Waste Management

PLUS Exploration is offering mercury decontamination, handling, repackaging, waste minimization, storage, logistic, treatment and final disposal. Recycling of wastes containing mercury is done in cooperation with our partner Batrec Industrie AG located in Switzerland. Mercury is still a useful raw material, used in many areas of life. Our company’s main aim is the recovery of elemental mercury and the avoidance of mercury emissions. The collection and acquisition of these wastes enables us to process them in an environmentally safe manner by applying our modern technologies and all of export or transport mercury waste we working under Basel Convention Condition.

Type of Mercury waste we are handling :

– Oil sludge
– Contaminated soil
– Process/Production Pipelines
– Spent catalysts
– Activated carbon
– Wellhead/Chirsmas trees
– Liquid mercury
– Batteries & Button cells
– Oil tool equipments


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